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1. A Hound Dog Man
2. A Piece Of String
3. American Master Counterfitters
4. And So They Married
5. Arizona's Adeline Gray
6. Barron Of Arizona
7. Buenos Noches
8. Case Of The Dormitory Theft
9. Council Assigned
10. Dear Mother, I'm in Jail
11. Death Across The Table
12. Debt Of Honor
13. Deep In The Heart Of Show Biz
14. Deep Water Captain
15. Devil And Daniel Webster
16. Doctor Mike
17. Doctor Of Lennox. The
18. Double Miracle
19. Eavesdroppers In Eden
20. Eleven Against The Nazi Atom Bomb
21. Father Flannagan's Toughest Customr
22. Gifts Of The Magi
23. Girls Are Like Boats
24. Grandma And The Seagull
25. Guiseppe And The Sargent
26. Half Way To Reno
27. Hand On The Latch
28. Husband To The Month Of May
29. I Like To Remember George
30. I Was A Male War Bride
31. Joseph Discovers America
32. Lady For Ransom
33. Land Of The Pilgrim's Pride
34. Light In The Window
35. Lion And The Mouse
36. Madam Curie
37. Man Who Conquered Devil's Island
38. Many Moons
39. Master Swindler
40. Meet Miss Boo
41. Message For Karen
42. Mr Cugat Takes Sick
43. Mrs Union Station
44. Murder In The Big Bowl
45. Nathan Hale
46. No Account Loafer
47. One Man Posse
48. One Way To Broadway
49. Penny Serenade
50. Pete's Thanksgiving
51. Pride And Prejudice
52. Prisoner Of The Night
53. Redhead Doll
54. Remember The Frandsens
55. Roof Sitter
56. Song From Heaven
57. Spin A Silver Dollar
58. Story Of Babe Ruth
59. Story Of Oliver Wendell Holmes
60. Strange Story Of John Erickson
61. Sunny
62. Sweet Rosie O'gradie
63. Two For A Penny
64. Uncle By's Two Wives
65. Unless Love Is Music
66. We Expected You At Dakar
67. We Shook The Family Tree
68. Which Was The Rescuer
69. Why Housewives Have No Whiskers
70. Why Keep Your Heart In Cold Storage
71. Woman Detective And Stolen Jewels
72. Woman Who Couldn't Come Home