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Comic Strips

I love a good comic strip. In my opinion, these are some of the best the web has to offer. Some links take you to the first episode.

Broken Plot Device

Buck Godot, Zap Gun for Hire

"Always available, but never free." Buck is a detective and all-around troubleshooter on the planet of New Hong Kong, where the only law is that there is no law.

Buck Godot: zap gun for hire is a comic with a noir sensibility. Here you'll find hard-drinking detectives, prostitutes with hearts of gold, foul-mouthed alien bartenders and lots of gunfights. For this reason, we suggest that this comic be considered only for an audience of older teens and up.

Disney's comic strips

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Scamp's newspaper comic strips. Reprinted at a rate of one per day. Be sure to read `em every day, because they are only up for a day!

Girl Genius

It's an alternate history set in a world where Mad Science really works. The ability to use this tends to run in families, and at the start of the story our main character Agatha learns that she is the heir to one of the most famous, most powerful Spark families in history, who everyone else had thought all safely exterminated. When they learn of her existence, everyone wants to either kill her, or control her, and ... hilarity ensues!

Kevin and Kell

Kevin & Kell is a story of Kevin, a burly rabbit, and Kell, a petite she-wolf, who met in an online chat room and fell in love before discovering that they were on opposite ends of the food chain. They now have a very blended family with teenagers from their previous marriages and their own offspring, a carnivorous bunny

Least I Could Do

The Meaning of Lila


Sherman's Lagoon


A boy, his duck, and pop-culture awesomeness...A very funny comic.

Sluggy Freelance


A furry little green creature grants wishes to three kids. Fun for all ages

Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle has an AMAZING comics resource. 103 different comics available! They offer comics you can't find anywhere else.

Blogs `n More

Opinions from folks who actually know stuff.

Mark Evanier

Mark has written comic books, Saturday morning cartoons (Ever hear of Garfield?), TV Shows (Welcome back Kotter, Pink Lady & Jeff), books and he probably was asked to add a few jokes to the Gettysburgh Address. A blog to be read daily!

James Randi

Randi has devoted his life to debunking psychics, fortune tellers, astrologers and other liars. Updated daily

Mr Music

Jerry Osbourne knows music and knows how to tell a good story about its creators. Updated Mondays

Neat Stuff

Sites that amuse or interest me.

Free Rice

Answer vocabulary questions and they'll donate rice to feed the hungry. DO something good as you improve your ......wordiness.

The Falling Sand Game

It's silly...worthless and a has wasted MANY hours of my time. ...ADDICTING!

Grand Illusions

A fascinating site. It has items you can buy, build or just wish you had. The dragon illusion was fun to make...and free!

Shokus Internet Radio

TV on the radio for baby boomers with talk shows featuring celebrities and interactive game shows where you can be a contestant on your phone.

Ninja Kiwi

Great game site. I HIGHLY recommend the Bloons series, especially Tower Defense 3

Photoshop Disasters

Neat site that displays Photoshop errors.


A blog on oddities and basoc weirdness.

The Fail Blog

No matter how badly your day is going...someone is having a worse one.

Think Twice Radio

Over 40 different podcasts to listen to anytime. (Including one from ME!!).