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0 Code of the Underworld
12/19/1950 Remo Torch Ending
1/19/1951 Cloak and Dagger Caper
5/7/1951 Case of the Philanthropist Bride
10/17/1951 The Judge and the Champ (No Intro)
10/24/1951 Microfilm in the Fishtank
10/31/1951 The Bail Jumper
11/7/1951 Case of the Borrowed Knife
11/14/1951 Dead on Arrival
11/21/1951 Murder in Wax
11/28/1951 Pearl Necklace (AKA Naughty Necklace)
12/5/1951 The Paper Bullit
12/12/1951 Death and the Purple Cow
12/19/1951 Remo Torch (ending cut off)
12/26/1951 Blonde in the River (AKA Song of Death)
1/2/1952 Death of a Private Eye
1/9/1952 Murder Island (no Intro)
1/16/1952 Muriel's Murder Case (no intro)
1/23/1952 Boxer Doyle's Case
1/30/1952 The Puppet (No intro or close)
2/6/1952 Claw Killer of Seneca (no intro or close)
2/13/1952 Cupie Doll
2/20/1952 The Motive for Murder
10/8/1952 Julius and CLeo (no intro or close)
10/15/1952 Dead Loss
12/25/1952 Song of Death
1/4/1953 Crimson Queen (no intro or close)
2/15/1953 The Redhead (No intro or close)
3/00/1953 The Imposter
5/3/1953 Walking the Dog
6/14/1953 Case of Lost Lila Thorne (No intro ot close)
8/9/1953 The Thirteenth Guest (no intro or close)
9/22/1953 The Late Sam Jenkins (No intro or close)
10/3/1953 Alias Clark Smith
11/3/1953 The Five Fire Mystery
2/2/1954 Weekend at Stowe
3/30/1954 Echo Corners
4/6/1954 Johnny Phoenix
5/11/1954 Search for Mrs. Peterson
7/27/1954 Gone Fishing (No intro or close)
8/3/1954 For Love of Murder
8/17/1954 Mid-Summer Lunacy
8/24/1954 Blood Money
8/31/1954 Hay is for Homicide
9/7/1954 Ghosts don't Die in Bed
11/7/1954 Case of the Barbershop
11/21/1954 Moe and Larry
12/19/1954 Dead Bull in a China Shop (Bull Fiddle Case)
1/5/1955 Rich Richie (No intro)
2/9/1955 Missing Hotel Room
3/9/1955 Corpse on the Town
3/30/1955 The Mummy's Sister
6/9/1955 The Big Fix
6/23/1955 Tennis Anyone?
12/5/1955 Prize Winning Manuscript

1. 45.08.17 Ep11 Ghost Murder
2. Ep01 High Tide Murders
3. Ep02 Mystery Giant Brain
4. Ep03 Rendevous With Murder
5. Ep04 Eyes Of Shiva
6. Ep05 Coins Of Death
7. Ep06 Dead Man's Rock
8. Ep07 Tunnel Disaster
9. Ep08 Crypt Of Thoth
10. Ep09 Melody Of Murder
11. Ep10 The Firey Deaths
12. Ep11 The Ghost Murder
13. Ep12 The Blue Pearls
14. Ep13 Wingate Heirs
15. Ep14 Thoroughbred Mur
16. Ep15 Department Of Death
17. Ep16 Keys Of The City
18. Ep17 Death In Mid Air
19. Ep18 Hooded Circle
20. Ep19 Death Rings The Bell
21. Ep20 The Subway Ghost
22. Ep21 Cradle Of Doom
23. Ep22 Death Meets The Boat
24. Ep23 Murder Hits Jackpot
25. Ep24 Diploma Of Death
26. Ep25 Shot In The Dark
27. Ep26 Death Counts Ten